Diane Rosenblum’s color infused photographs from the garden express a vision of a world of warmth, light and color as hazy dream memory.  They invoke a state of being like comparable to that that induced through meditation, function like breezes of the freshest, blowing away murk & dust and replacing them with a quiet sense of elation.


Rosenblum's photographs draw on the ancient principles of the camera obscura (understood by Aristotle, Vermeer and early Chinese Scholars) to achieve their evocative delight. She marries this simple but powerful device, created by making a small hole in the exterior of a dark, enclosed box, with digital sensing technology.  Experimenting constantly with a range of low-tech lenses and filters, Rosenblum has captured in her images the pleasure and sensation of being in a light suffused garden, wandering amidst its beautiful plants and flowers.


Melisande, Theodosia, Sybila and Zara